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Perennials – Grasses

The strength of our perennials lies in their exceptional quality and the extensive range.
We also sell a range of blooming perennials during the summer period to encourage impulse buys in your store.


  • round Ø 10.5 pot, available in a 15-hole (mara) tray
  • round Ø 10.5 pot, available in a 6-pack with photographic handle
  • round Ø 17 pot, available in a 5- hole (mara) tray or 30 separate plants on one layer

If desired, the perennials can also be supplied in a tray selected by the customer.

All perennials have an individual photographic label with a specific barcode.
The price categories are indicated on the photographic label using a colour code in the logo.

We also have a limited selection of grasses in size 9 pots available in trays of 18 for sale in the autumn.

Price codes:

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