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  • Some plants are only seasonally available:
  •     Currently available


We grow Cineraria maritima, also known as silver dust, in four different pot sizes.


  • Ø 9 cm pot in trays of 14 (available as of early September)
  • Ø 10.5 cm pot in trays of 15 (available as of mid-August)
  • Ø 13 cm (2 plants/pot) pot in trays of 8 (available as of early September)
  • Ø 17 cm (3 plants/pot) pot in trays of 4 (available as of mid-September)

Cineraria are grown in pre-printed pots with a barcode.

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Calocephalus is perfect for winter arrangements, flower pots, and many other creations.


  • Ø 6 cm pot in trays of 12
  • Ø 9 cm pot in trays of 14
  • Ø 10.5 cm pot in trays of 15
  • Ø 13 cm pot in trays of 8

There is a barcode on every pot, with the exception of the Ø 6 cm pots.

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